NEOM has claimed its place on Dubai’s billboards, as it has returned appearing to the OOH scene, following its latest OOH campaign to announce a new futuristic industrial city in the sea, known as Oxagon.   

The visuals photograph the reimagined industrial city, Oxagon, flaunted on an appealing background. Oxagon is establishing itself as a place where "ideas can change the world," with a development plan focusing on seven areas: sustainable energy, autonomous mobility, water innovation, sustainable food production, health and well-being, modern construction and technology, and digital manufacturing, including telecommunications, space technology, and robotics.    

In addition, the promising project is set to be a comprehensive cognitive city and a net zero city fully powered by clean energy, as well as it will set the world’s first fully fledged port and supply chain ecosystem for NEOM. 

The advertiser hosts the statement phrase “A Region in NEOM”, adding the official website for those seeking more information. The advertiser uses creative die-cuts and mockups that make it a creative concept, this has been manifested in the OXAGON’s logo signature protruding from the background.

This campaign is a new one, appearing in the third week of November in a limited location on Hoarding Billboards in Dubai.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Real Estate


Advertiser: NEOM

OOH Size: Hoarding

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Launching Campaign

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