Mostafa El Sallab, or El Sallab Organization, climbs up on Greater Cairo's major out-of-home landscape with a new awareness and branding campaign. Mostafa El Sallab's prior appearance on the billboards of Greater Cairo was during last February when the renowned ceramics and sanitary ware brand launched an outdoor campaign to affirm its inclusive finishing qualities. El Sallab Org is currently back on billboards even stronger, directing the spotlight towards its comprehensive and top-quality finishing materials. 

The OOH campaign has turned up with some pretty catchy and colorful visuals promising people setting up their new homes El Sallab's top-notch and premium finishing materials and designs with a wide range of solutions for kitchens, bathrooms, electricity and more.  The campaign uses ad copy which translates to "Your Home's Finishes in One Place" portraying an elite and creative sink finishing. Other visuals portray bathroom, floor, and kitchen finishes. 

To find out more on El Sallab Org's campaign, check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo and Dubai, which will provide you with details regarding campaign types, kinds, locations, budgets, media plans, and more.

The Art & Science of OOH

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