Diners Club International and Discover rises on Dubai's primary DOOH platform giving its residents the chance to elevate every day no matter where they go in the magical, modern city. Diners Club is known to offer its customers a variety of privileges since the service caters to the ever growing need of a personal credit card or a charge card. The services offered by Discover and Diners Club International are more than just a card payment choice. The services actually empower card members to enrich their personal and business experiences by providing easier access to exclusive privileges and superior services. 

The ad visual features a QR code that audiences are expected to scan to find out that Discover and Diner Club are offering a full guide on Dubai-based activities including information on; Dubai Itineraries, The Possibilities of Sustainable Travel in Dubai, The Taste of Dubai, as well as travel guides & local offers.

The ad copy encourages the DOOH audience to "Elevate every day in Dubai with", portraying the brand logos of Discover and Diner Club. The visual also instructs audiences to "Scan to explore & enjoy Dubai". The visuals portray a girl going down stairs near a pool and a beautiful outdoor atmosphere while other visuals showcase a beautiful seashore in Dubai with Dubai's famous towers in the background. The campaign also uses imagery of cars drifting in the desert.  

The campaign is a relatively new one that was released during the first week of November and was distributed across limited DOOH spots across Dubai City.

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