After hosting the first furniture festival in an OOH campaign, Home R Us is back again on Dubai’s billboards. Home R Us sells a broad range of products for the home, including furniture, décor, and furnishings, as well as kitchen and dining essentials. The store also has multiple pricing categories, such as luxury, affordables, and bestsellers, depending on the customer's budget.

The attractive visuals showcase a modern living room with impeccable decor and interior design. In black and white styled furniture, there are little peaks of color through plants and art on the walls. It announces that the store is located in the “Arabian Center”. A tag dangles off from the side of the billboard, drawing attention to their sale. It reads “Make Your Home A Celebration” and that the sale is “25% to 70% Off”. Another billboard features a dining room, with the same superior level of decor. It also includes a Christmas tree, to spread the holiday vibes. Their other locations include “Ebn Batota Mall” and “El Qasameya Street”. 

 The new campaign hit Dubai on uni-pole, digital screens and bridge pillar style billboards in the first week of November. 

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