Paymob rises on Greater Cairo's prime OOH scene with a new awareness campaign highlighting the organization's main service offering which is to facilitate payments everywhere. Paymob runs millions of transactions for different business sizes across Africa and the Middle East. Customers have the opportunity to use Paymob's solutions and API's to send and accept online payments. The online electronic payment service provides a world of payments dedicated to increasing earnings on Cairo's billboards. 

The campaign aims at introducing customers to the world of facilitating electronic payments and allowing many businesses and commercial projects to accept payments in acceptable transactions for them and their customers no matter where they are. Paymob generally aims to contribute to building a solid foundation in online payments, especially when considering the ad copy; "All Payment Options in One Machine". The campaign also highlights the following keywords; “Credit Card”, “Online Bank Accounts”, and “Installments”. The campaign also uses Paymob's key slogan which translates to "Don't Miss a Sell!". The OOH campaign provides the company's main hotline while showing three partially animated individuals, whereas; there's a man in the middle holding a POS machine that is by Paymob, while there's a lady standing beside him holding a Paymob credit card and her pet dog. Last but not least, another man is portrayed holding his smartphone using the Paymob application. Another visual portrays a man holding and pointing at Paymob's POS machine with a Paymob card inside, and he is wrapped in a 200 EGP note. 

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Financial Services

Brand: Paymob

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Paymob

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