The famed home appliances and consumer electronics retailer, El Araby Group has struck Cairo's billboards after their latest OOH campaign featuring superstar Mohamed Henedy promoting their air conditioners. This time, the hit Egyptian comedian is back in their billboards, advertising Tornado's entire collection of their technology. . 

In a dark red background, the appliances are standing tall and proud in the middle of the billboard. All the appliances are coated in sleek silver, including a fridge, washing machine, fan, air conditioner, water dispenser, vacuum and dryer. Tornado’s hotline, social media and website are marked at the side of the visual, with El Araby’s logo badged on the other side. “Japanese Technology Available Within Your Budget” is scribbled in white to allure people. Another visual includes Mohamed Henedy, dressed in glasses and a sweater vest in the same red color, with a white chemise and tie, and doing the ‘OK’ hand gesture with their products in the background. 

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Home Appliances

Brand: Tornado

Advertiser: Elaraby Group

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Mohamed Henedy | Tornado

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