The popular drink brand, Pepsi has entered the celebration of UAE 50th National Day among other brands by releasing a new OOH marketing campaign across Dubai's roads, after successfully dominating the scene with the "Pop, Fizz & Explore the World!" campaign.

With a provoking blue-themed color and design, this campaign is considered a creative concept due to the use of die-cuts, as the visuals depict a part of a Pepsi can protruding from the ad frame, as a result, it paints an eye-grabbing visual for the onlookers on the road.

The advertiser hosts Expo 2020 Dubai's signature logo on the background since PepsiCo is considered the official food & beverages partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, at the same time, both Pepsi and Expo 2020 Dubai are celebrating 50 years of UAE's greatest achievements and golden jubilee by releasing a limited-edition co-branded can, highlighting the statement message "Let's Celebrate The Next 50", also they are celebrating a new era of exploration that will shape the UAE's future, in line with Expo 2020 Dubai's major theme. 

This new campaign has shown up in the fourth week of November in a limited location on Hoarding Billboards in Dubai

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