Emirates NBD lands on Dubai’s billboards shortly after its latest appearance, teasing a surprise among the stars! The famous bank entices audiences with golden offers, befitting the golden Jubilee of the UAE, with golden prizes. The campaign uses a die-cut creative design as the golden alloys protrude outside the frame of the bridge billboards. The ad space provides the bank’s website, in addition to the logo for The Year of The Fiftieth, which is one of the most important occasions in the United Arab Emirates, as well as Emirates NBD’s logo. The visuals remain simple, mainly depicting the alluring gold alloys. All of this is hosted on a simple darkly-colored background, that accentuates the white font, and allows the visuals to pop.

This campaign is a new one that was released during the second week of November and was launched on Bridge Billboards in Dubai City.

The Art & Science of OOH

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