Etisalat’s new outdoor marketing campaign is a special one, celebrating the joyous occasion of The Year of The Fiftieth! The telecommunication juggernaut’s last OOH campaign was a recent one that provided audiences with enticing offers related to the new freedom bundles. This time, however, the brand sends a positive and loving message of celebration & admiration, as the ad copy states “50 years united in celebration” with the hashtag “#50yearstogether”, featuring many images that depict Emirati citizens flaunting their country’s flag, with big smiles on their faces. Another ad copy written in Arabic translates to “Greetings to our Emirates, and a gift to Their people”.

All of these festivities are befitting to the occasion’s significance, as it marks the Golden Jubilee for the UAE. All of the visuals demonstrate the word “together” or “معًا”, adding to the sentiment of togetherness and solidarity.

This campaign is a new one that was released during the fourth week of November and was launched on Bridge Billboards, Digital Screens, and Lampposts in Dubai & Sharjah & Ajman.

The Art & Science of OOH

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