Abu Dhabi Media Lights up Dubai's Billboards Celebrating the UAE's 50 Years of Unbelievable Accomplishments!

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Abu Dhabi Media Lights up Dubai's Billboards Celebrating the UAE's 50 Years of Unbelievable Accomplishments!

Abu Dhabi Media climbs up on Dubai's billboards revealing the launch of its national initiative to celebrate the 50th National Day of the United Arab Emirates or the Year of the Fifteenth under the main slogan which translates to #No_Impossible. This slogan is specified for a number of distinctive initiatives and events which demonstrate the stories of accomplishment that the UAE has succeeded in achieving during the past 50 years. The OOH campaign projects a high extent of persistence and determination, as well as ambition and these aspects have assisted the country to achieve global recognition and excellence. 

The idea behind the "No to the Impossible" campaign is parallel with the country's overall preparations to move forward towards the next 50 years it utmost smoothness and success in conjunction with the vision and mission of the wise leadership in the United Arab Emirates which is aiming to establish a more enhanced and sustainable structure which is also in line with the vision expressed by H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who quoted; "The Impossible Is Not Impossible". Some of the campaign visuals highlight the year "1971" which is the year the UAE was founded while using the hashtag "#No_Impossible for 50 Years". The visual also portrays Abu Dhabi Media's logo and official motto which translates to; #Present. Another visual portrays an aesthetically vintage newspaper, using the ad copy "FORMATION OF THE UNION". A separate visual shows "Burj Khalifa" which is one of the multiple accomplishments of the UAE in the past 50 years. Another visual shows a satellite from the moon while the ad copy "HOPE PROBE" was used. Other visuals use the year "2021" as the main ad copy, highlighting the year that marks the 50 year anniversary of the UAE. Another visual of the massive OOH campaign portrays the "LOUVRE MUSEUM – ABU DHABI", while another visual showcases "BURJ AL ARAB – DUBAI". An individual visual of the ad points out the "INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR – SHARJAH", as well as "AL ZORAH NATURAL RESERVE – AJMAN". "JEBEL JAIS – RAS AL KHAYMA" is also portrayed in the campaign visuals. 

The campaign is a relatively new one that was spotted on Dubai's prime OOH roads during the third week of November and was distributed in limited advertising spots as Mega Coms and Lampposts. 

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