Emirates NBD has returned to the billboards of Dubai after Its last appearance to promote the Marriot Convoy’s MasterCard. This time, the famous bank has landed with a surprising OOH campaign, teasing a surprise among the stars! NBD invites audiences, to turn their eyes to the stars to witness a big surprise for the entire nation. The billboards feature mainly astrological vistas, as stars illuminate a dark background showing space, playing host to the white text which provides the date of 1-12-2021, as well as the logo for the year of the fiftieth. The whole ad message prominently sparks intrigue & curiosity as to what that surprise shall be, and why the space theme is overtaking the aesthetic of the outdoor ad. So, as NBD asks its audiences to stay tuned, we ask you the same as well shall definitely be covering NBD’s future OOH endeavors, including its upcoming surprise.

This campaign is a new one that was released during the fourth week of November and was launched on Bridge Billboards in Dubai City.

The Art & Science of OOH

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