After a long absence from the OOH arena since its last outdoor campaign back in 2018, the famous medical center, Al Borg Scan, has returned to the outdoor marketing landscape with confidence and aplomb, this time assuring audiences that they can expect "Technology Beyond Imagination"! The ad visuals showcase doctors & specialists posing happily and assuredly, with other images displaying advanced medical technology and machinery.

The billboard’s ad copy provides the addresses of the various branches for interested onlookers, as well as the medical center’s hotline & website.
All of this information is contrasted against a solid blue background, that conveys feelings of serenity and professionalism, further adding to the comforting ad message.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Medical Centers

Brand: Al Borg Scan

Advertiser: Al Borg Laboratories

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Al Borg Scan

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