Amazon has returned to the OOH landscape once again!
The famous shopping platform has been very consistent with its sales & discounts, especially during a hot season such as white Friday!
The last time the brand graced Cairo’s outdoor marketing scene was to promote the 11.11 sale, this time, however, the brand is offering a spectacular sale with major discounts for the white Friday season, running simultaneously with’s OOH campaign for the same occasion. The billboards shower customers with enchanting promotions, deals, discounts, and offers up to 75% off everything & all shopping items, as the visuals display a variety of items, from sports wear to consumer electronics and much more. The annual event will be running from November 22 to 29. The ads use the brand’s signature mix of orange and black to a great effect, managing to highlight the visuals in addition to the ad copy text, with a major emphasis on the “70%” discount.

Want to learn more information about this global campaign? Visit MOOH, Egypt’s and the Emirates’ OOH-dedicated Media Intelligence Company to reveal the campaign’s OOH types, sizes, budget, locations, districts, and more.

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