Axa Group, the leading insurance company in Egypt, has popped up once again on Cairo’s OOH scene, prior to their medical insurance OOH campaign, to introduce their medical centers. OneHealth medical centers are a world-class healthcare provider that offers a one-of-a-kind customer experience with the goal of making health care more easy and seamless, whether in their physical locations or through digital platforms.

They provide physical and virtual consultations with more than 30 specialties and subspecialties to clients, as part of a modernized approach to healthcare and in response to the rising customer demand to access healthcare 24/7 in this fast-paced society.

There are different designs for the visuals; the first being a plain, navy blue background that reinforces their medical status, another being a shot of the pristine hospital’s interior, with burnt amber and blue undertones, and finally, a billboard where the focus is on a doctor and a receptionist, smiling and spreading a feeling of ease to people. “An exceptional medical experience” is the slogan for OneHealth, and they add that people don’t have to tire themselves out looking and searching for a good doctor.  Their location is emphasized on all the billboards. 

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