Apple Inc. has captivated the audience on Dubai’s OOH landscapes by showcasing its new iPhone 13 with chic pink color and artistry featured choice. This campaign has soared the scene once again after the iPhone 13 Pro set Dubai’s OOH scene ablaze with its sleek design and aesthetic in its latest OOH campaign

The visuals display the new iPhone 13, being flaunted on a luxurious black-themed background, showing it to the passers-by on Dubai's roads from different angles; the back and front angles. Apple Inc. has returned to introduce the new iPhone 13 coming in a new pink finish, with a ceramic shield, tougher than any smartphone glass, and a durable flat-edge design. Other features include the most advanced dual-camera system ever, as well as a lightning-fast CPU that outperforms the competition. Furthermore, there is a huge leap in battery life and it offers a super colorful super retina XDR.

This campaign is a new one, appearing in the second week of November with a new message on Hoarding billboards in Dubai.

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