Sympl, the newly established technology platform known for offering the first ‘Save Your Money Pay Later’ service for customers in Egypt, rises on Greater Cairo's outdoor advertising market for the first time with a new, attention-grabbing awareness campaign. The campaign advertises for Sympl being the first platform in Egypt to empower merchants to sell their products and services, directly to any bank cardholder, on short-term, completely interest-free repayment plans.  Accordingly, Sympl helps retailers and merchants to expand their customer base and magnify their sales by increasing the customer’s average order value and repurchase frequency.

The campaign’s main tagline is "Save your money, pay later" and this is where the name of the company came from “SYMPL”.  The OOH campaign uses ad copy which highlights that Sympl’s technology provides real-time approval for customers holding a valid Egyptian bank card, without any pre-registration, documents, or long onboarding process required. In other words, Sympl targets any walk-in customer who possesses a valid bank card, which is represented in 49M cards in Egypt between debit, credit, and prepaid cards; all without any application process.
The OOH campaign mainly uses the butterfly-billboard scheme where one billboard portrays the brand's logo, another portrays young consumers enjoying the seamless shopping experience, while another billboard portrays the ad copy and the last one showcases the diverse brand names currently partnering with Sympl including Egypt’s well-known Apple-authorized reseller 
Tradeline, mega hypermarket Hyper One, authorized Sony-Playstation reseller XPRS,  leading consumer electronics stores 2B, as well as many others.
The bright peach red theme used for the OOH campaign is bound to grab attention and make a bold impression on Cairo's busy roads.

Sympl ( has evolved customers’ checkout experience, providing an alternative, hassle-free checkout that promotescustomer saving and a better matching of income and expenditure, without anycompromising oflifestyle. Customers enjoy a simple and seamless shopping experience at our partnered stores or websites where they choose how they like to pay later for their desired products or services whether on 3, 4, or 5 payments along with the frequency of payments whether on weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis; all with 0% interest.  

Sympl has formed strategic joint ventures with some of the pioneering retail and online shops in Egypt and is continuously working towards expanding its merchant network and diversity of product and service categories, planning to reach 200 partners in just 3 months. Sympl has been exerting extraordinary efforts in PR and advertising, shedding light on the various press coverages that have highlighted the renowned Egyptian entrepreneurs who have launched the country’s first ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ service.

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To find out more about Sympl's campaign, check out Monitoring Out of Home (MOOH), the dedicated media intelligence agency and analysis system active in Cairo and Dubai, which will provide you with details regarding campaign types, kinds, locations, budgets, media plans, and more. 

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