Al Kabael is synonymous with quality and service. Visitors of the department store can expect to be treated with great care, get exceptional personal attention, and have a truly memorable experience. Al Kabael is a worldwide shopping destination that offers the finest bargains on the high streets for the newest fashion, cosmetics, and homeware products. In an OOH campaign, the retail center announces “the biggest shopping extravaganza”. 

The red and white visuals attract shoppers to read the information, such as "Al Kabael Discount Center Now Open to Shop Big and Save Big”. They beg the question “Ajman, are you ready for the biggest shopping extravaganza?” to stir up excitement. As a reminder, the brand adds that they offer “largest store of Al Kabael”, “biggest open price retail store”, “great shopping experience”, “quality branded products'', and “150,000 sq. ft.”. Their location and hotline are also featured for those seeking further information. 

This campaign is a relatively new one that was released on hoarding and mega com billboards, in the first week of November.

The Art & Science of OOH

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