Satellite TV channel CBC launches their Ramadan campaign for 2017 with the stars and shows that will entertain Egyptian viewers during the Holy Month.
With the stars on the foreground and the name of the shows, the ads use the network’s logo to play with purple and midnight-blue waves that bring life to the artwork. Donia Samir Ghanem, Eyad Nassar, or Ahmed Dawood are some of the faces that will delight Egyptian viewers with programs full of entertainment. In every ad, elegant calligraphy in gold reads “Ramadan” and the year 2017 in Arabic numerals (though not Arabic digits :) ).
Large and X-Large uni-poles, double-decker poles and gates announce the shows around the city and include their website and Social Media handles for everyone who wants to follow up with their programing online.

CBC launches Ramadan 2017 campaign-00
CBC launches Ramadan 2017 campaign-00

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