With the simple slogan of “Click it. Drive it. Love it”, Cars24, the car selling and buying app, has taken over Dubai’s OOH landscape with a massive outdoor marketing campaign.
The unique app takes pride in streamlining the car selling and buying experience, by selling cars in a single visit, receiving an instant money transfer, and getting the best prices without the hassle of tedious negotiations with multiple buyers.

The visuals remain simple, emphasizing the slogan, and depicting visuals of vehicles on the road, highlighting the wide range of choices on offer for the users of the app.

This campaign is a new one that was released during the first week of November and was launched on Wall Wrappings, Uni-Poles, Hoardings, Bridge Billboards, Digital Screens, Lampposts, and Uni-Poles in Dubai City.

The Art & Science of OOH

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