Dettol lands on Dubai’s OOH arena with an outdoor marketing campaign to proudly announce that it’s the Official Hygiene Partner of EXPO 2020 Dubai.
The brand uses a bold visual depicting Dettol personnel ready for battle against germs and diseases, lining up as a line of defense against everything harmful or infectious, armed with Dettol disinfectant bottles, and even accompanied by a hovering medical robot.

The pleasant sci-fi aesthetic serves as a refreshing visual design for the outdoor ad, which sports the brand’s iconic green color. The ad copy states that Dettol is “Protecting The World” or “نحمي العالم”, emphasizing its role as the protector of people against harmful bacteria & diseases, a fact that’s conveyed even more in the brand’s sword logo.

This limited campaign is a fairly new one that was released for the first time during the fourth week of October and was launched on Hoarding billboards in Dubai City.

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