The leading sports retailer in the Middle East, Sun & Sand Sport, has returned to the outdoor marketing scene in Dubai once again after their last campaign back in October. This time, the retailer has climbed on billboards again to celebrate a specific occasion, the Singles Day on the 11th of November!
The Singles' Day or Double 11, originally called Bachelors' Day, is a holiday and shopping season that celebrates people who are not in relationships.

The visuals display male and female athletes playing sports by themselves, with a mirrored reflection of them accompanying their visage, with the date 11 - 11 imposed on top of their image.
The ad copy also alludes to the promotions on offer for this special day, which can reach up to 55%. Sun & Sand Sport’s logo hovers at the top of the ad, with icons showing that the brand’s app can be downloaded from google play & the play store.

This limited campaign is a new one that was released for the first time during the first week of November and was launched on Digital Screens, Uni-Poles, and Lampposts in Dubai City.

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