In a booming OOH campaign that overtook Cairo’s streets, Madrasetna, under the governorship of the Ministry of Education & Technical Education, states that the future begins now with their help. Madrasetna is a media and broadcast channel that promotes virtual education and is targeted at Egyptian students. 

Their educational videos can last up to 25 minutes and are intended for students from different educational levels. All these videos feature a qualified teacher explaining things thoroughly and in detail. Not only that, but they also feature multiple languages besides the standard English and Arabic. There is plenty of content and it’s all for free. 

The billboards highlight their logo, their advertiser, slogan and most importantly include their television frequency and social media. The visuals encompass both the air of serious education and the atmosphere of playful fun. This is because they have colorful designs of miscellaneous objects such as a globe, a map, ancient Egyptian artifacts, puzzle pieces, kids' games, and stationery. Even more, they include an astronaut, space items and a telescope. The hues are bright and attractive to the eyes, ranging from orange to blue to indigo.

To uncover more about Madrasetna’s OOH campaign, such as the OOH types, kinds, media plan, budget, and locations by visiting Monitoring Out-of-home (MOOH), Cairo’s dedicated OOH media intelligence company. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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