The worldwide famous Danish toy production company, LEGO, has landed on Dubai’s OOH landscape with a new outdoor campaign that’s in association with Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre.
The campaign’s tagline “Unleash your creativity” invites children and youngsters everywhere to let their imagination run wild, and come up with the most creative ideas possible.

MBRSC is an advanced scientific and technological hub that’s responsible for making the UAE a world leader in space services and exploration. Among their initiatives is the “Space Explorer Camp”, which aims to inspire kids and spark their curiosity regarding space travel. The visuals feature two young female Emirati inventors who have managed to create a fully-functioning space rover, using only LEGO bricks!
This creative and joyful campaign fits the spirit of the LEGO brand, as well as the optimistic spirit of space exploration.

This limited campaign is a fairly new one that was released during the fourth week of October and was launched on Digital Screens in Dubai City.

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