The "Objects Connect" initiative by the French luxury brand Hermès is portrayed on the billboards of Dubai with a dynamic outdoor advertising campaign, unveiling wheeled luggage glides, scarfs, bags, and more for women and men, featuring sensational products that connect to the body and unleash the exaltation and energy that bind us together.
Hermès was last spotted in Dubai last July when they promoted their fragrance “Twilly Eau Ginger”.

The luxury brand returns with a digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign, where models of both genders wear Hermès' Objects Connect products, which are distinguished by the sensuality of the material, the grain of the leather, and the detail of the zips resonating from figure to figure. The color palette unfurls gradually, allowing light to pass through the materials, all adding up to a stunning outdoor media campaign that commands attention and evokes the senses.

This new campaign has soared in the fourth week of October in a limited location on Digital Screens and Lampposts Billboards in Dubai.

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