The official food and beverages partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, Pepsico has gone viral all over Dubai via billboards, as it has strongly dominated the OOH scene this month by releasing more than 3 outdoor advertising campaigns. Firstly, it presented its three breathtaking pavilions. Secondly, it introduced the crisp Pavilion of Lay's Chips. Thirdly, it promoted the renowned beverage brand, Pepsi that will rejuvenate visitors during the whole event. Last but not least, this time it surprised the audiences with a chance to attend Expo 2020 Dubai when scanning the can.    

The visuals depict Pepsi cans that are carrying visually arresting and thought-provoking colors and designs, featuring famous monuments from different countries, appearing on a bright blue background that represents the brand identity of Pepsi. The campaign invites people to explore a unique country and to collect all the 9 cans to explore each country, represented in the campaign’s motto “Pop, Fizz & Explore the World!”. On the other hand, the brand grants the chance to win an Expo 2020 Dubai ticket, all you have to do is to scan the can, illustrated on a red strip to grab audience’s attention, as well-known that the red color is an opportune color for grabbing attention.   

This campaign was captivated in the second week of October in a limited location on Hoarding Billboards and Lampposts Billboards in Dubai.    

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