Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBI), rises on Dubai's prime OOH scene after its previous appearance last November, encouraging audiences to register now in order to participate in SIBI 2020. SIBI is now back on billboards, stronger than ever, with a creative advertising campaign sending the key message that "There is always a right Book". 

The Emirati capital of culture, Sharjah, is hosting the annual book fair from the 3rd of November to the 13th at "Expo Center Sharjah". This is the 40th edition of the biggest cultural event in the Emirates, allowing everyone to browse and explore great reads. The ad visual highlights that it is the 40th edition by inducing the number in the "Sharjah International Book Fair" logo placed at the top of each advert. The ad visual uses very creative designs of illustrated people with heads that symbolize film, art, astrology, travel, and exploration. Other visuals point out that the exhibition is "Organized by Sharjah Book Authority". The background of the ad portrays a large stack of books, initiating that there will always be the right book for different customer preferences.  

The campaign is a relatively new one which was spotted on Dubai's prime DOOH spots during the third week of October, and was massively distributed as Hoardings, Unipoles, Digital Screens, Lampposts, and Megacoms, and were distributed across Dubai and Sharjah. 

The Art & Science of OOH

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