Welcome to the second bulletin of the Expo 2020 Dubai. New sponsoring brands came upon the outdoor advertising scene, spreading awareness of their contribution to the big event, following up from the last article that covered some of these sponsoring brands, we are adding some hot news about more global distinctive brands competing to place their messages on Dubai’s roads.

Official Payment Technology Partner: Mastercard

MasterCard recently made an appearance on Dubai’s prime OOH landscape, pinning its significant involvement in Expo 2020 Dubai, through the “Priceless” campaign. Mastercard was able to bring excitement to the road by hyping up the masses announcing its position as the “Official Payment Technology Partner” that will be presenting a line-up of experiences for 6 months. The company shares a glimpse of the future and spectacular possibilities that will be powered by the concept of digital transformation.

The global technology partner intends to connect people to their passions and display its key industry-leading insights through one of the world’s largest economic and cultural milestones, while the OOH campaign reflects that Mastercard is geared up to provide a journey that is bound to excite, inspire, and mobilize millions of visitors.

MasterCard will connect visitors to their passions through an intelligence innovation called the “MasterCard Cube”. It is an installation that is created to immerse visitors in a diverse range of multi-sensory experiences related to passions including; sports, food, music, and more. Participants are bound to be wowed by the mixed reality content that brings the next era of innovation to life. MasterCard is also concentrating on sustaining a greener planet, enhancing gender equality, and empowering small businesses as part of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Official Food & Beverage Partner: Pepsico, Pepsi, & Lays Chips

PepsiCo recently dominated Dubai’s OOH scene using the ad copy “We’re bringing the world’s greatest snacks and refreshments to the world’s greatest show”. As PepsiCo claims its place as the “Official Food & Beverages Partner” of Expo 2020, it also reveals a sneak-peek into; The Plus, The Bolt, and The Drop, the company’s three pavilions that are in line with the sub-themes of Expo 2020 Dubai; Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability. 

The Plus Pavilion is located at the Opportunity District and PepsiCo has partnered with its sub-brand Lay’s, to bring an engaging experience by installing joy pods that serve as a stimulator of moments of joy by immersing guests in a variety of enjoyable and immersive activities. Lay’s Reply will allow visitors to learn how Lay’s Chips bags are given a second life, empowering women farmers while also supporting sustainability. Pepsi will also have two sectors in the pavilion; Equalization Zone, and the Regeneration Zone. Through a sensory football engagement, people will be able to score for gender equality, while the Regeneration Zone will highlight how the brand is reducing plastic waste through recycling, and the use of recyclable materials.

The Bolt Pavilion is located in the Mobility District that centers around the formulated sports drink Gatorade which displays its history by bringing interactive games, demonstrating the innovation and science behind each bottle, and showing how it inspires customers to live healthier lives.

Aquafina, another sub-brand of PepsiCo which made its Expo 2020 stamp in a previous campaign, is also making an appearance in The Drop Pavilion, where it is meant to resemble huge droplets. As Aquafina and PepsiCo work towards protecting water, The Drop Pavilion also motivates visitors to take action by educating them about sustainable agriculture operations and smart water practices through interactive displays such as field matching with appropriate crops and farming technologies to reduce, recycle, and reinvent packaging. The Drop Pavilion also induces fun segments like the 3D splash selfie. 


PepsiCo also launched an individual campaign for Pepsi, as part of Expo 2020 Dubai using a similar ad copy; “The Greatest Refreshment At The World’s Greatest Show”. Pepsi, the globally beloved soft drink, is intending to keep visitors rejuvenated during the huge event, showing-off vivid visuals for their OOH campaign portraying their signature can, along with the diet can which is sugar-free and calorie-free. For the Expo, Pepsi will be offering three limited-edition cans that are designed from 100% aluminum and can be recycled, which is something that aligns with PepsiCo’s commitment to sustainability for Expo 2020 Dubai. 

Lay’s Chips

PepsiCo also recently popped up on Dubai’s billboards with its sub-brand Lay’s, which is set to participate at its own “Crisps Pavilion” to “Share a Joyful Future with Lay’s”. The main aim is to bring to life the company’s common objective of making use of sustainable and innovative Food & Beverage practices. PepsiCo and Lay’s have teamed up to provide an exciting experience at The Plus Pavilion, previously described in more detail, which will involve visitors in a variety of fun and immersive activities, asserting the mother brand’s commitment and dedication to positivity, collaboration, and togetherness. Lay’s Plus Pavilion reflects joint intent to take audacious steps towards positive global change.

Official Online Food Delivery Partner: Talabat 

Talabat recently made a significant appearance on Dubai’s billboards, announcing its official partnership with Expo 2020, with the use of artificial intelligence and robots to deliver delicious food. The creative campaign uses the main tagline; “Hungry for the future? Experience Talabat at Expo 2020”. Robotic hands dominate the campaign’s background, as the food delivery pioneer decides to showcase the future of food delivery experiments at Expo 2020 Dubai by presenting the Talabat Kitchen. 

Talabat Kitchen is a two-story cloud kitchen that will feature 30 brands and 15 cuisines, along with 10 autonomous vehicles and a robotic ice-cream confectioner and barista. Talabat is proudly bringing robots to life at Expo 2020 Dubai to overcome logistical issues such as a lack of staff and commitments to deliver within a certain time frame, sharing Expo’s key objective of creating a better future. In other words, Talabat’s innovation will deliver thousands of orders safely and securely, saving more time, seeking to provide sustainable delivery services.  

Pavillion Campaigns: Korea Tourism Organization, Women’s Pavillion, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Korea’s Pavilion

The Korea Tourism Organization was recently spotted on Dubai’s billboard scene, exciting visitors for the Korea Pavilion that maintains Expo’s theme by providing opportunities for innovative technology and ideas to unfold. The pavilion will focus on the mobility aspect by presenting developed ideas regarding futuristic travel and transportation. Presenting the future of mobility, the pavilion will also go with the theme of sustainability for a better standard of life and environment. The specially structured pavilion will present an intelligent theme with phenomenal, contemporary architecture, showing a spin cube that gives visitors a visualization of the mobility theme since it displays rotating cubes that change the pavilion’s design. The campaign excites visitors through the tagline “Imagine Your Korea” and “Meet Us in Korea Pavilion”. 

‘Wonder Walks’ will also be an activity where a hyperconnected world is shown to visitors, as the virtual world and reality co-exist. The pavilion also offers an interactive kinetic installation with its audience and surroundings, as well as displaying the best of Korean art, style, and cutting-edge technology. 

Women’s Pavilion 

Expo 2020 Dubai recently made an empowering move on UAE’s outdoor advertising landscape, raising awareness of the Women’s Pavilion. In collaboration with Cartier, Expo presents the Women’s Pavilion reaffirming the joint commitment to gender equality and women empowerment through distinctive content and programs during the 182 days of the event. The pavilion is set to pay tribute to the significant roles that women have played throughout history and continue to play in the present day, revealing that the pavilion brings a “New Perspective” and strives to break the stereotypes, deconstructing misconceptions about women’s responsibilities, and becoming change-makers. 

Saudi Arabia’s Pavilion 

Expo 2020 Dubai also climbed up on billboards announcing that Saudi Arabia’s heritage and culture will be celebrated in a breathtaking pavilion. Using the ad copy “Get To Know Us”, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia invites people to take an exclusive walk through the Saudi Arabia Pavilion. It’s worth noting that the Saudi pavilion is the second largest of the Expo 2020 pavilions, after UAE’s pavilion, spanning over 13,000 square meters situated in the Opportunity District. The eye-catching Saudi pavilion features a huge structure soaring across the sky, whereas the shape of the building reflects Saudi Arabia’s heritage, culture, myriad opportunities, natural wonders, and ambitions for its citizens' future. The most attractive feature at the pavilion is the special water installation situated alongside an inclined mirror screen. Furthermore, there is an art installation embedded with crystals that indicates Saudi’s vision 2030. As the event encourages sustainability, the Saudi pavilion is designed with eco-friendly structures, obtaining 650 solar panels from Saudi entrepreneurs, and is manufactured in Saudi Arabia. 

Many new brands have popped up on Dubai's OOH scene with the Expo 2020 Dubai happening now. Previously in part 1 of the trending campaigns for Expo, the brands that made a significant impression on the roads with official partnership with Expo included; Emirates NBD and Emirates Islamic which are the Official Banking Partners of the event, and have recently updated their Expo-related campaigns which will be covered soon. Other brands included Nissan, the Official Automotive Partner while there was one campaign executed and implemented by Expo's core organization team. Dubai Media Inc. also previously climbed on Dubai's billboards announcing that the channels are the Official Media Partner for Expo 2020. In the first part of the trending Expo campaigns, PepsiCo also made a major appearance with Aquafina continuing their mission as the Official Food & Beverage Partner for Expo 2020, launching new campaigns related to the mother brand, Pepsi, and Lay's Chips.
During the second part of our coverage for Expo-Related Campaigns, MasterCard popped up on billboards establishing that the brand is the Official Payment Technology Partner for Expo, while Talabat also announced that it’s the Official Online Food Delivery Partner. Many Pavilion-related advertisers also climbed up on Dubai's prime OOH arena such as; Korea Tourism Organization that aimed to raise awareness on the Korean Pavilion, Cartier that was raising awareness on the Women's Pavilion, and last but not least, the Saudi Arabian Government that dazzled Dubai's billboards gaining mass attraction for the Saudi Arabian Pavilion.

Stay tuned for more coverage about the event of the decade; EXPO 2020 DUBAI.

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