Oasis Mall Sharjah has made its debut on Dubai's billboards to introduce a one of its kind experience, inviting audiences to spend valuable family moments at the petting zoo.

The visuals depict different animals, drawn in a cartoonish way since the main target audience are kids. The graphics create an aura of fun, in other words, it features a funny goat wearing sunglasses and sticking out its tongue, also a rat wearing a hat and a duck wearing a big green bow tie, alongside other animals. Using the yellow color in the ad was a smart idea since yellow is a high-energy and cheerful color to create a sense of excitement and happiness toward the petting zoo. Moreover, the advertiser uses some colourful animal footprints that are imprinted on the yellow-themed background to make it more appealing to children.

The ad copy invites parents to come over the Oasis Mall Sharjah and give to their kids a great time at the petting zoo, a place where kids have the delight to interact and meet with the friendly rabbits, macaws, ducks, and lots more every Friday and Saturday. 

This campaign has soared in the first week of October in a limited location on Bridge Billboards, Digital Screens, and Mega Com in Sharjah.

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