The number one coffeehouse in the world, Starbucks, has joined the action on Dubai's billboards with an outdoor advertising campaign, bringing up its beloved ready-to-drink cold coffee on the roads for coffee lovers to enjoy a moment of chill. The campaign uses creative visuals depicting full throttle chill coffee, and including; the glass bottle Frappuccino, the paper cup Caffé Latte, and the canned double-shot espresso.

The campaign uses the main ad copy "From Starbucks. You'll find them in the chilled aisle… Chilling", initiating that you can now find Starbucks's chilled coffee in most, if not all, Supermarkets in the UAE. The OOH campaign showed up with pretty simple but catchy artwork, using a clear white background with contrasting black copy that easily grabs attention. The visual splits the words "Chilled Coffee" between the left and right sides of the advert. Starbucks's last appearance on UAE's OOH scene was last October, and it also aimed to raise awareness on its Chilled Coffee drinks. 

Seen during the first week of October, this OOH campaign landed on digital screens, uni-poles, and bridge billboards across Dubai.

The Art & Science of OOH

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