CLOROX has landed once again on Cairo’s billboards after their previous campaign to promote their vast array of cleaning products in a new OOH campaign. The campaign’s visuals depict various bottles of CLOROX’s creations, including the CLOROX Gel, and the CLOROX Multi-Purpose Cleaner.

The ad copy states that “If it’s important, trust CLOROX”, or “لو الأمر مهم، ثقي في كلوركس”. Another statement boldly declares that CLOROX is capable of “Eliminating 99.9% of Bacteria” in addition to “Eliminating COVID-19 Virus”, further adding to the assurance the brand brings into every household.

A blue background hosts the brand’s iconic logo, which is written in white with a red ribbon surrounding it.

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Campaign Credits

Industry: Cleaning Products

Brand: Clorox

Advertiser: Clorox Egypt

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Branding Campaign | CLOROX

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