The giant telecommunication company, Etisalat UAE ignites enthusiasm on Dubai's OOH scene with a new outdoor advertising campaign that induces customers to savor the experience of the region's toughest OCR race, an epic battle is set to take place at XQuarry. This campaign has captivated the OOH arena after its latest OOH campaign.       

The visuals depict a gladiator, wearing a green T-shirt that represents the renowned brand identity of Etisalat, he uses his wit and quick feet to move swiftly through the gauntlets of obstacles. On the other partition, the ad is inviting audiences on the roads to “Join the Etisalat Gladiators Race at xQuarry on 22nd October”, featured on a black-themed backdrop. It’s worth mentioning that Participants will face 32 challenges that will test their endurance, strength, agility, mental stamina, and physical abilities, including trials designed to put the toughest 4WD vehicles in the XQuarry park to the test. 

This campaign has ascended in the second week of October on Digital Screens in Dubai.

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