Pizza Hut is back on billboards in Dubai, after its last OOH campaign that promoted its app. This new campaign is marketing the Big Box, flaunted as “The Best Stuff In One Big Box”.
The visuals depict the delicious offerings from Pizza Hut, displaying the tasty contents of the box, with some mouth-watering images that depict the pizzas and other items, while maintaining the brand’s iconic color scheme of white, black, and red.

The ad copy and visuals also announce new crust stuffings, with the “New Kebab or Garlic Stuffed Crust”. The ad copy also shows that the Big Box is reasonably priced at 89 AED, all adding up to an alluring mixture that should prove to be a pleasant surprise to all pizza and food lovers everywhere.

This campaign turned up in the second week of August in limited locations on Digital Screens, as well as on Lampposts billboards in Dubai.

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