The official online food delivery provider at Expo 2020 Dubai, Talabat is bringing a variety of flavors and fun to the World’s biggest cultural gathering, where it has thrilled the audience on Dubai's roads with its new OOH campaign. The campaign has dominated the scene after offering Talabt Mart service in its latest OOH campaign.

The visuals display a mouthwatering burger featured on the famous orange-themed backdrop of Talabat, which represents the color of their brand identity. Don’t get surprised when you spot Robotic hands appearing on the backgrounds, where the aforementioned food delivery pioneer decided to showcase the future of food delivery experiences at Expo 2020 Dubai by presenting the Talabat Kitchen.   

So, Talabat Kitchen is a two-story cloud kitchen that will feature 30 brands and 15 cuisines, as well as 10 autonomous vehicles and a robotic ice-cream confectioner and barista. Therefore, for the first time, Talabat is proudly bringing robots to life at Expo 2020 Dubai to overcome logistical issues such as a lack of staff and commitments to deliver within a certain time frame, keeping with Expo 2020 Dubai’s shared objective of creating a better future. In other words, robots will make thousands of orders in a safe and secure manner in a short amount of time, seeking to provide sustainable delivery.  

The ad copy starts with a rhetorical question that asks “Hungry for the future?” or “جاهز لتجربة مذهلة؟”, then they begin inviting the audiences to “experience Talabat at Expo 2020 “ or “عيش تجربة طلبات في إكسبو 2020” by tapping the order through the application while exploring Expo through the application.  

This campaign has captivated audiences in the first week of October in a limited location on Hoarding Billboards and Lampposts Billboards in Dubai.

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