Korea Tourism Organization climbs on UAE's prime billboard scene as a member and key host of the Expo 2020 Dubai. The Smart Korea pavilion aims to move the world forward by maintaining the main theme for Expo 2020 Dubai; providing opportunities for innovative technology and ideas to unfold. The pavilion will also be focusing on mobility to attempt to experience developed and futuristic travel and transportation. The Korea Pavilion mainly aims to participate in the theme of mobility but also abide by the theme of sustainability for a better standard of life and environment. 

The pavilion and campaign's main theme is to present a future mobility scheme to the world with a smarter and better connection with a specially structured pavilion on a plot area of about 4,651m². The pavilion's architecture revolves around a spin cube that gives audiences a visualization of the Mobility theme of Expo, displaying continuously rotating cubes that change the pavilion's design. The ad copy "Imagine Your Korea" and "Meet Us in Korea Pavilion '' exciting audiences to participate. The pavilion will also include Wonder Walks to the infinite hyper-connected world where virtual and reality co-exist. Along with the dynamic façade that constantly changes through the course of the day, the pavilion will also offer an interactive kinetic installation with its audiences and surroundings. 

The spiral-shaped exhibition also provides open spaces and showcases the best of Korean art, style, and cutting-edge technology. The campaign also positions the project as the future mobility composition of superintelligence, hyper connection, and super realistic. The ad visual portrays a Korean woman who is shown wearing the traditional Korean costume, a long red hanbok, which is bound to make a strong impression on the roads since red is one of the most visible colors in the color spectrum, and has the ability to grab people's attention. The color also symbolizes strength, courage, power, and passion, which makes it a perfect color for the DOOH campaign. 

The campaign is a fairly new one that was released during the fourth week of September and was distributed across limited OOH and DOOH spots in Dubai City.

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