It seems that the official food & beverages partner of Expo 2020 Dubai, PepsiCo is nailing it at the world's greatest show. Pepsico is dominating the scene once again by releasing three OOH campaigns on Dubai's roads. First, revealing its three breathtaking pavilions on an amazing outdoor campaign. Second, announcing the crisp pavilion of Lay's Chips at Expo 2020 Dubai. Last but not least, Pepsi, the strong beverage brand that will get you rejuvenated during the whole huge event. 

The visuals show off variations of Pepsi products, including Pepsi's standard signature can, Pepsi Black can, and Pepsi diet can which is sugar-free as well as calories-free. All of these are flaunted with a cup of refreshing Pepsi, proudly served with ice. The refreshing visuals are illustrated on a striking blue-colored backdrop that represents the famous color of Pepsi's brand identity, so when people see the blue color on the ad, unconsciously, the first thing that pops into their minds would be Pepsi. 


It is mentioned before in the previous article that Pepsi falls under The Plus pavilion with Lay's Chips at the opportunity district, where there are two zones; Equalization Zone and Regeneration Zone. Within the Equalization Zone, individuals will be able to score for gender equality through a sensory football engagement, whereas the Regeneration Zone will showcase how the brand is reducing plastic waste through recycling and the use of recyclable materials, which aligns with Expo 2020 Dubai's theme of sustainability.  

On the other hand, Pepsi offers three limited-edition cans that are designed from 100% aluminum and can be fully recycled, which is something that aligns with PepsiCo's commitment to sustainability and Expo 2020 Dubai's sub-theme. Each of the three limited-editions is acquainted with messages of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. The new designs of the can will be adorned on a fleet of delivery trucks in the UAE.  

This new campaign has emerged in the fourth week of September in a limited location on Bridge Billboards and Digital Screens in Dubai.

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