Dentist recommended brand Sensodyne, has drawn the attention of passers-by on the roads of Dubai via billboards with its new brand identity that is shown in its latest pack design. 

The outdoor campaign features visual imagery of sought-after mouth-watering treats and drinks, showing individuals while enjoying their favorite treats like chilled ice cream, lukewarm filter coffee, and a Mojito without feeling the pain of tooth sensitivity. The campaign is under the motto of “Life’s too short for sensitive teeth”, encouraging the audience to relish the pleasure of everyday life and delicious treats without worrying about tooth sensitivity or compromising on their food choices.  


On Lampposts Billboards, the visuals display three main appealing tastes like Cold, sweet, and sour. Slices of lemon and orange scatter on the ad space with a catch-phrase that states "Bring on the sour", as well as ice cubes fly on the background, highlighting the phrase "Bring on the Cold". In the same vein, chilled and delectable ice cream has shown up, with an expression "Bring on the Sweet", alongside Sensodyne's new packaging. 

This new campaign has climbed up the Hoarding and Lampposts billboards in the second week of September in a limited location in Dubai.

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