Guess what?! The official food & beverages partner of Expo 2020, PepsiCo is bringing the world’s greatest snacks and refreshments to the world’s greatest show, as shown before in its latest OOH campaign, where PepsiCo has given us a sneak peek into The Plus, The Bolt, and The Drop; the company's three pavilions. Which are in line with the sub-themes of Expo 2020 Dubai: opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. 

Pepsi and Lay's have partnered to bring an engaging experience to The Plus pavilion at the Opportunity District. As for Lay's Chips, it has installed joy pods that serve as a stimulator of moments of joy by immersing guests in a variety of enjoyable and immersive activities. Lay's Replay, on the other hand, will allow visitors to learn how Lay's chips bags are given a second life, empowering women farmers while also supporting sustainability. Regarding Pepsi at The Plus pavilion, there are two zones, which are the Equalization Zone and the Regeneration Zone. Through a sensory football engagement, individuals will be able to score for gender equality, while the regeneration zone will highlight how the brand is reducing plastic waste through recycling and the use of recyclable materials.     

Feeling surprised? The Bolt pavilion is located in the Mobility District that centers around the formulated sports drink Gatorade that allows guests to learn about Gatorade's history by bringing interactive games, displaying the science and innovation that goes into every bottle, and showing how it inspires customers to live healthier lives. 

Aquafina is also making an appearance in the Drop pavilion, where it is made up of 41,000 recycled aluminium cans and is meant to resemble enormous droplets. As Aquafina and PepsiCo work on protecting water, the Drop pavilion encourages visitors to take action by educating them about sustainable agriculture operations as well as smart water practices through interactive displays such as field matching with appropriate crops and farming technologies in order to reduce, recycle, and reinvent packaging. Besides, the Drop pavilion involves visitors in some fun moments, like the 3D splash selfie that will make you feel as if you're submerged in water. 

The visuals showcase PepsiCo’s products, headlined by Lay’s, Aquafina, Gatorade, LIFEWTR, Sunbites, and Pepsi featured behind it, the architectural marvel and the iconic structure of Al Wasl Dome for Dubai Expo 2020, illustrated on a bright blue-themed background, highlighting the catch-phrase bilingually "We're bringing the world's greatest snacks and refreshments to the world's greatest show" or “نقدم لك أفضل الوجبات الخفيفة و المرطبات في الحدث الأروع في العالم”, bringing a fun new vision for snacks and beverages as well as a more sustainable future.       

This campaign has popped up in the fourth week of September in a limited number of locations on Hoarding Billboards in Dubai.

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