Moustafa Hagag & 3enba Fire Up Cairo’s Billboards to Celebrate Mawlid Al-Nabawi on Monginis’ Seasonal Campaign

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Moustafa Hagag & 3enba Fire Up Cairo’s Billboards to Celebrate Mawlid Al-Nabawi on Monginis’ Seasonal Campaign

Do you remember the teaser campaign that was witnessed by the masses on Greater Cairo's billboards in the last few days?
Throwing back to the intriguing OOH campaign, the billboards were showered by a peculiar question that triggered the curiosity of passers-by on the roads, with the rhetorical inquiry that states "is he coming back?... well, is she coming back?! or “هو هيرجع؟...طب وهي هترجع؟!”.

Previously, the common guess in the previous article was that this anonymous brand is either related to the foodservice industry or the food & beverage industry. It's time for the curtains to be drawn and reveal the mystery behind this teaser campaign.

The prediction was right! It has been revealed on Cairo’s OOH scene that the anonymous brand that made all this buzz was the Egyptian adored bakery and pâtisserie Monginis. The pink-themed background that was featured in the previous campaign was the renowned color of Monginis’ brand identity.  

Following the hit of the TV commercial of Monginis, featuring the Egyptian singer Moustafa Hagag and the Sha’abi musical artist 3enba, hyping up audiences through their joyful music, surrounded by festive vibes for the celebration of the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (Mawlid Al-Nabawi). The celebrated brand ambassadors have dazzled onlookers with an alluring OOH campaign for Monginis

As for the visuals of this campaign, Monginis’ Products are stacked on a puppet show platform, evoking nostalgic feelings for the old Mawlid celebrations, with Moustafa Hagag and 3enba posing in front of it. The "He" and "She" referred to before on the ad copy were "Mawlid" and "happiness" to be “ Mawlid is coming… Joy is back?!", translated into Arabic to be “المولد يرجع...الفرحة ترجع”. Their hotline is prominently featured to entice audiences to call and get some of their wonderful Mawlid’s sweets.  

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