The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia invites people to take an exclusive walk through the Saudi pavilion that is featured at Expo 2020 Dubai, so they have landed on the OOH scene in Dubai to invite passers-by to "get to know them" at their breathtaking pavilion Expo 2020.

It’s worth noting that the Saudi pavilion is considered the second largest of the Expo 2020 pavilions, after UAE pavilion Expo 2020, spanning over 13,000 square meters, which is identical in size to two football pitches, situated in the Opportunity District. The eye-catching Saudi pavilion features a huge structure soaring across the sky, whereas the shape of the building reflects Saudi Arabia’s heritage, culture, myriad opportunities, natural wonders, and ambitions of its citizens for the future. The most attractive feature at the pavilion is the special water installation, situated alongside an inclined mirror screen. Furthermore, there is an art installation embedded with crystals that indicates the Saudi's vision 2030. As this event encourages sustainability, the Saudi pavilion is designed by eco-friendly structures, obtaining 650 solar panels from Saudi entrepreneurs and is manufactured in Saudi Arabia. 

The OOH campaign captures the deeply-rooted heritage and ancient culture of Saudi Arabia featured inside a frame that takes the shape of a diamond, illustrated on a differently colored backdrop. The campaign invites the audiences to visit their pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, highlighting the phrase "get to know us", taking visitors on a journey across four main pillars which are nature, people, heritage, and opportunities. 

This campaign has shown up in the first week of October on Hoarding Billboards, Lampposts Billboards, and Digital Screens in Dubai.

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