Who would have thought?! The tasty potato crisps brand; Lay's chips, is set to take a place at the huge global event Expo 2020 Dubai, so don't get surprised when you spot the perfectly crispy chips on Dubai's billboards, where PepsiCo. has joined the Expo 2020 Dubai as its official beverage and snack partner, bringing to life their common objective by making use of sustainable and innovative food and beverage practises in order to create better future generations.

PepsiCo has unveiled a sneak peak into its three pavilions, which are The Plus, The Bolt, and The Drop. Which are aligned with the Expo 2020 Dubai's subthemes; opportunity, mobility, and sustainability. PepsiCo's three pavilions will deliver a unique experience during the six months of the World's Greatest Show. 

As for The Plus pavilion, Pepsi and Lay's Chips join forces to strongly assert PepsiCo's commitment to positivity, collaboration, and togetherness. The Plus pavilion shows how the brands together take audacious steps towards positive global change. 

Pepsi and Lay's have teamed up to provide an exciting experience at The Plus pavilion! Lay's has set joy pods that act as a stimulator of joyful moments, involving guests through a variety of fun and immersive experiences. On the other hand, Lay's Replay will grant the guests the opportunity to discover how lay's chips bags are given a second life and empower women farmers as well as support sustainability.

This OOH campaign features the delicious Lay's chips that come in different flavours, perfectly packed, and appearing on yellow and orange themed backdrops. The yellow and orange colors used in the ad intend to stimulate the audience's appetite and taste buds, as according to color psychology in marketing and branding, both colors make people feel hungry, highlighting the phrase "Challenge Today, Change Tomorrow". 

This campaign debuted in the fourth week of September in a limited number of locations, on Unipole and Lampposts Billboards in Dubai.

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