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Markets Insights for The Summer Season of 2021 in The North Coast Shows Incredible Progress and A Promising Future

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The North Coast has witnessed a boom in its OOH landscape, with many brands coming out with new messages for their existing campaigns, and others coming with new ones. In comparison to the 2020 summer season, the summer season of 2021 has seen a significant improvement in both the quantity and consistency of OOH ads.

In our two-part coverage of the action taking place in the North Coast, we have detailed all the campaigns that have graced the scene in both the first and second parts. All sorts of industries have participated, with a persistent dominant presence from the real estate industry as 67% of the share of OOH spaces is being dedicated to it. The social services industry follows in the second place with a significant gap, with 9% of the share, followed closely by telecommunications with 8% in the third place.

Our tracking and analysis data has shown that this year’s North Coast scene has been host to a billboard occupancy reaching an impressive 78% during the season, showing an overall increase in the volume of outdoor advertising, and indicating a thriving OOH scene for the upcoming seasons.

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