If one thing is certain, then it would be that the road to the North Coast has become a stunning OOH landscape this last summer season.

Among the numerous campaigns released in that period, a few stood above the rest as the top 20. As usual, the dominating industry was real estate, and it was headed this year byD-bay’s gorgeous outdoor ads. However, the second place surprisingly didn’t belong to a real estate campaign, but to the Ministry of Health and Population, which has been spotted with three ad campaigns, making it an unprecedented achievement.

While The real estate industry has taken the third, fourth, and fifth spots with Cali Coast, Bo Sidi Abdelrahman, and NAIA Bay respectively. The sixth spot was taken by the telecommunications giant, Etisalat.

The rest of the spots have unsurprisingly been claimed by real estate developers, as many new projects are being constructed every day, due to the boom happening in the post-pandemic year of 2020 regarding both the industry and marketing.

Follow the infographic to see some more interesting campaigns that have conquered Cairo's billboards this month. Also, through August's market insight, learn more data and figures about what's going on in Cairo's Out-of-Home advertising scene : https://insiteooh.com/article/5180-markets-insights-for-the-summer-season-of-2021-in-the-north-coast-shows-incredible-progress-and-a-promising-future

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