SHEIN glams UAE's OOH arena launching the new Fall/Winter collection through a massive promotional campaign. SHEIN's last appearance on Dubai's OOH scene had to do with launching the exclusive summer 2021 collection in collaboration with Almahra, the Bahraini actress and celebrity. SHEIN Middle East is currently back on billboards, stronger than ever, with a new fresh outdoor campaign announcing the trendy Fall/Winter Collection of 2021, with an exclusive promo code "FW21", for enthusiastic fashionistas and online shoppers. 

The campaign mainly targets the female demographic, empowering women with cheerful, floral, and sleek cuts and designs. One visual portrays a beautiful woman wearing a floral print dress and a pastel turquoise cardigan, holding a matching bag. The model's photograph is aesthetically taken in a green landscape surrounded with pink flowers that establishes an eye-grabbing contrast with the color of the chosen outfit. The woman is also seen leaning on a guitar which adds to the peaceful vibes of the photo. Another visual uses a different photograph of the same model, wearing a similar outfit, however, she is leaning back on the chair in relaxation and calmness as behind her is a refreshing fall, natural landscape, with her elbow placed on the top of her guitar. 

The ad visual informs the masses that they can join the fun shopping experience by downloading the SHEIN application from Google Play or App Store. The campaign induces a solid background color of orange which is considered an energetic color that calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. 

The campaign is a relatively new one that was released during the third week of September as hoardings and uni-poles that were distributed across limited OOH spots in Dubai. 

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