The pioneering company in the building industry, CMB Group has returned to Cairo's OOH arena to present the highly flexible and water-resistant elastic paint, ACRYL FLEX 200. This new campaign has popped up after a year of absence from the OOH scene since 2020

Since 1979, CMB has been the first to embark on manufacturing building materials with high-quality and innovative techniques as well as cost-effective and user-friendly materials. They are committed to supplying traders, the general public, projects, and professional builders with excellent products and satisfactory services, while keeping in touch with market demands. The aforementioned brand is well-known for offering a wide scope of chemical solutions and building materials for all phases. In addition, the majority of the items received national and international patents certificates, as it sells and exports its goods in over 58 countries.

The OOH campaign displays a paint bucket, alongside a roller that is filled with white paint, and all are featured on a partitioned blue background. Underneath the paint bucket, there is a hotline, written in blue and red colors and an official website appearing in black for any inquiries. With a huge font written in Black and white, CMB asserts that the ACRYL FLEX 200 is Egypt's most powerful insulating and surface protection paint. On the other hand, the other part of the background showcases different shots of exterior finishes of well-painted buildings and constructions. It is mentioned before throughout the article that the ACRYL FLEX 200 is highly flexible and water-resistant elastic paints thanks to the materials included in its creation, including water emulsion of elastic resin and acrylic. 

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Industry: Paints

Brand: CMB

Advertiser: CMB Group

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Country: Egypt

Region: North Africa

Tags: ACRYL FLEX 200 | Awareness Campaign | CMB

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