Dizabo rises on UAE's prime billboards for the first time with a new branding and awareness campaign, establishing the new e-commerce mobile app as the place people will find everything they need. The visual uses ad copy which reflects that Dizabo provides "More Than 26 Categories in One App". Some of these categories include; Supermarket products, Fruits & Vegetables, Laundry, Smart Phones, Gifts, Maintenance, Electronics, Perfumes, Pet care, Baby Care, Flowers, Watches, Toys, Health & Fitness, PRO Services, Books, Hardware, Pharmacy, Printing, Cakes & Confectionery, and Cosmetics. 

Dizabo positions its brand as a super app for online shopping and it is a huge marketplace that has fueled the demands for delivery services and doorstep business. Dizabo has more than 700 delivery bikes and has agreed to serve more than 800 restaurants functioning in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah, planning on the expansion to other emirates as well. 

The ad visual indicates that anyone can now get Dizabo through Google Play or App Store, while it also highlights some of the key categories; Pick & Drop, Groceries, Food, Pharmacy, and Classifieds while inducing some fun icons for each category. The advert also shows a smartphone open to the app with a maroon red background which symbolizes ambition and confidence as it makes a strong impression on the roads. Gentle, ambitious, and inspiring, are among the color's favorable traits. 

The campaign is a relatively new one that was released during the second week of September as bridge billboards. This is Dizabo's first OOH campaign and the advert was available at limited OOH spots across Dubai. 

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