Lose yourselves in the endless world of shopping with Carrefour’s latest OOH campaign in the UAE. Dubai is flooded by the retail store’s billboards in celebration of their 26th anniversary, succeeding their back to school campaign with huge offers and discounts.  Owned by Majid Al Futtaim, Carrefour is present in more than 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. 

To suit the expanding demands of its diverse client base, Carrefour maintains a variety of retail layouts as well as various online services. Carrefour provides an unrivalled selection of over 500,000 food and non-food goods, as well as a regionally inspired exceptional customer experience, to create wonderful moments for everyone every day, in keeping with the brand's mission to deliver the broadest range of quality products and value for money.

The visuals are in Carrefour’s traditional blue color, with confetti sprinkling the billboards, spreading their joy and excitement. Carrefour has a celebratory circle which contains their logo, name, and the fact that they’re “Celebrating 26 Years Anniversary”. “26 Years” is written in calligraphy with a vibrant red tone and in cursive, peeking outside said circle. They announce “260 Free Baskets every day '', with a man hidden by a humongous basket full of goods up to his head and even further, in the middle of the billboard. This comedic sketch feeds into the light tone of the campaign and the purpose of the ad.  

They are handing away 260 free shopping baskets every day until the 16th of October, and people can win by getting the Carrefour app and having their SHARE code scanned before checkout. A raffle takes place, and the winners get to take all their purchases home for free. 

Another visual features the tagline “Thousands of Anniversary Offers”, as an enticing lead for consumers to want to learn more about these deals and gain benefit from them. It includes a glossy laptop with several miscellaneous items behind it, such as an orange, some plants, and a bag with beads for eyes. These offers include tech, kitchen items and household essentials, luggage, personal care, and way more; up to 50% off. 

The campaign struck Dubai in the fourth week of September, across hoarding billboards, bridge billboards, digital screens, and lampposts. 

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