For those with an acquired taste for the fancier things in life, Idealz has their backs covered. Fast cars, Swiss watches, trendy tech, high fashion; what more could a boujee person want? Idealz is a mobile app that is adding some spice to e-commerce! In an OOH campaign in the equally luxurious city of Dubai, this application provides a complimentary Prize Draw ticket with every purchase, allowing consumers to win a deluxe gift from their unique stationery and apparel collection.

When a shopping-fanatic purchases any of their products, they get complimentary tickets for the opportunity to win luxury prizes in draws. All products have limited quantities, as well as their tickets. After the products from live campaigns are sold out, a governed and supervised draw takes place and a winner is announced. For people who want to double their chances of winning, they can donate their products to charity and get an additional ticket for every donated item. This twist on e-shopping does not only create more value for consumers, but it also aids the less fortunate. 

Matching their brand identity, Idealz used a bright red color to splash all over the length of the billboards. The campaign name “Join the joy of winning!” is in white to balance the vibrant hue, while “winning” is accentuated by black borders to pinpoint it. A phone with an interface of the application is placed in the middle of the visual, showing their “National Day Grand Prize” of a “Limited edition Mercedes” that one could win. The logo, brand name, website, app store and Google Play are all featured at the bottom. 

This limited campaign hit Dubai in the second week of September with hoarding billboards for the very first time.

Campaign Credits

Industry: Mobile Apps

Brand: Idealz

OOH Size: Hoarding

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Country: United Arab Emirates

Region: MENA

Tags: Awareness Campaign | Dubai | Idealz | UAE | United Arab Emirates

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