Understanding Expo 2020 Dubai UAE

From the 1st of October 2021 to the 31st of March 2022, Expo 2020 Dubai is planned to take place, as the execution scheme is focusing on hosting a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience, giving innovators the opportunity and power to build a better world and shape the future. Expo2020’s main goal is to connect minds and create the future through sustainability, mobility, and opportunity. The event is bound to change the way people see the world, as they will get the enticing chance to explore 191 country pavilions as well as a host of signature pavilions since for the first time in world Expo history, each participating country will have a separate pavilion.

Guests and invites will enjoy immersive cultural experiences and discover what makes each country unique. Partner brands are also vital to the success of Expo 2020 since they will be showcasing visions of the future through innovation and world-class expertise. International Organizations and civil society are currently working to address the global changes of our time. There will also be a large number of special pavilions that embark on experience combining education, entertainment and excitement. There are 3 key districts that will be campuses for different causes or purposes which include, Sustainability District, Mobility District and the Opportunity District. The site also includes a district which revolves around programmers for people and the planet, as well as several Expo Initiatives and a district that will be solely focusing on World Expo History. Expo 2020 Dubai comprises of fields including;

 Innovation & Technology, Entertainment, Arts & Culture, Food & Livelihood, Sport, Fitness, & Wellbeing, Architecture, Business & Entrepreneurship, and last but not least, Education programmers will also be provided.

Expo 2020 Dubai’s OOH Presence

During the last business quarter, Expo 2020 along with EXPO's partnering brands, have been putting extraordinary effort in launching and distributing outdoor campaigns of awareness and branding using almost all kinds and mediums of OOH advertising, starting from the smallest outdoor formats to the largest and most technologically updated digital OOH strategies (DOOH). The diverse and ongoing campaigns took formats of; Hoardings, Digital screens, Mega coms, Bridge Billboards, Lamppost, Uni-Poles and much more, while the adverts were massively and equally distributed across the UAE in malls, subway stations, airports, and highways. Literally every area in the UAE had an EXPO 2020-related campaign of every kind. Both traditional and contemporary styles of OOH were used to produce such creative and attention-grabbing advertisements.

EXPO 2020 Dubai's Official Campaign

One of the most trending campaigns that was launched by Expo 2020 Dubai UAE, as the brand and advertiser of the advert, concerned sending an open invitation to witness the making of a new world on UAE’s OOH arena. At the time, Expo 2020 was announcing that there are only "64 Days" to go with the event getting even closer. The campaign encouraged audiences who still didn't get their hands on tickets, to buy tickets now, informing the masses that Expo 2020 will be welcoming visitors from all around the world starting from the 1st of October. The campaign was visually striking and emotionally inspiring since it portrayed the vision set for the most diverse and contemporary World Expo ever, giving vibes that the EXPO 2020 Dubai is a must-visit destination, bringing together different mindsets under one roof to reimagine tomorrow forming the largest cultural gathering in the world. The attention-grabbing campaign used the main slogan "Join the making of a new world" exciting the masses to the max. Dubai’s OOH arena has also received different visuals that give audiences a glimpse of Expo 2020; the Arab World’s biggest event, by reflecting the event’s story in the greatest OOH designs.

EXPO 2020 Dubai’s Official Media Partner: Dubai Media Inc

EXPO 2020 Dubai's branded color was advertised for by the UAE's Ministry of International Cooperation, showcasing some of the main activities that are featured in Dubai EXPO 2020. The ad copy used by the Ministry is "Be inspired and amazed" which is so grabbing because of its mere simplicity, professionalism, and innovative appeal. This campaign took the form of Uni-poles, Hoardings, and Digital Screens, to suit the size of such an event. 

Not long ago, after the announcement of the UAE's official media organization owned by the Government of Dubai, as the official host broadcaster of EXPO 2020, the country's preparations and countless efforts have never stopped. Dubai Media Inc. (DMI), has recently popped up on Dubai's billboards exciting audiences even more, establishing DUBAI CHANNELS its license to thrill with channels including; DUBAI, Sama Dubai TV, EXPO 2020 Radio, Al Bayan TV, and Emarat Al Youm, that will be responsible for providing a daily video feed to televisions around the world, using the latest technologies of media broadcast coverage. The Executive Director for EXPO 2020 Dubai, Najeeb Mohammed Al-Ali even made a statement that "The media hold a major role in informing global audiences' about EXPO 2020 and its messages, and is a key pillar in achieving our goals." 

EXPO 2020's Official Bank Partners: Emirates Islamic & Emirates NBD

One of the pioneering Islamic Financial institutions in the UAE, Emirates Islamic, has recently gone OOH to announce their partnership with EXPO 2020 Dubai, and has now become the official banking partner for EXPO 2020 Dubai. Emirates Islamic's theme is iconically linked to the EXPO 2020 Dubai's overall perspective; "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future". Emirates Islamic bank is dedicated to providing customers with appropriate and innovative banking products, services and solutions. The strong partnership supports the vision of the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him, to make Dubai the Islamic economy's worldwide capital. The campaign's main motto is "Together we create the Future", which is the intended plan for the joint venture. The partnership between EXPO 2020 Dubai and Emirates Islamic seeks to create great things for the future from helping people in need, to developing child education, and supporting business enterprises. Emirates Islamic has created an award-winning mobile banking app which strongly promotes developing an eco-friendly e-savings account, ensuring a more sustainable future.

Another official banking partner of EXPO 2020 Dubai that has made a significant impression on the OOH landscape is Emirates NBD. The leading bank's advert establishes a competitive banking package for small and medium enterprises. Invigorating audiences with extraordinary prizes. Emirates NBD excites the masses with ad copy highlighting that there are only "64 Days to Go" until EXPO 2020 Dubai, portraying the event's official logo through a fascinating die-cut campaign that illustrates Swatch setting of the final countdown.

Aquafina & EXPO 2020 Dubai Partnership

Aquafina has also recently shown up on UAE's prime billboard spots, collaborating with Expo 2020 Dubai through raising awareness on a refreshingly sustainable way to stay hydrated. Aquafina's OOH campaign encourages consumers to "Say Yes" to aluminium cans and glass bottles in collaboration with EXPO 2020 Dubai. The partnering brand has launched a new range of Eco-conscious packaging as a joint dedication and commitment to sustainability since the contemporary bottles are fully and infinitely recyclable. The bottles will definitely be on sale across EXPO 2020 Dubai’s main site, during the sixth-month event. Aquafina is prioritizing treating all waste materials as valuable resources that have actual potential to be reused. Pledging to support circular economies by reducing waste, Aquafina’s OOH campaign motivates consumers to say yes to “A more sustainable future” and start drinking “Still water from a can”. The launching campaign was distributed as massive hoardings across the UAE.

EXPO 2020’S Official Automotive Partner: NISSAN

In March of 2020NISSAN hit the billboards announcing the brand as the official automotive partner of EXPO 2020, aiming to help shape the future of mobility. Nissan later revealed its 2021 Nissan Patrol NISMO on UAE’s OOH arena, with eye-catching visuals showing the precision of the luxury car with thrilling performance and the efficiency of a sports car. The new SUV is expected to be globally premiered through a global and phenomenal virtual event hosted at the Dubai EXPO 2020, however, it was previously premiered online, through an international virtual event, as part of EXPO 2020 Dubai. With a creative concept campaign on large scale hoardings, the OOH campaign is extremely catchy and inspiring, especially when considering the fact that the Nissan Patrol Nismo got its badge in the Middle East. The car is an icon for residents of the UAE and there is a generally high-interest rate in the region.

Later in December, Nissan made another huge appearance introducing the “NISSAN X-TERRA 2021” and establishing Nissan as the official automotive partner for the EXPO 2020 Dubai. Nissan did not take the matter softly since it exerted continuous OOH efforts to build brand identity and inform the masses of its official collaboration with the event everyone has been waiting for.

EXPO 2020 Dubai In a Nutshell...

EXPO 2020 Dubai’s opening ceremony will be held from October 1st to the 22nd of March. Dubai is currently gearing up to play host for the first ever World Expo in the Middle East, Africa, and South Africa (MEASA) region. The Dubai EXPO was scheduled to take place on October 20, 2020 - April 10, 2021, however it was postponed due to the pandemic and that was a partial benefit for EXPO’s organizers to derive and attract even more participating countries, brands, and businesses. The EXPO will take place between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi and it will be a grand event featuring up to 60 shows everyday, and will include 191 country pavilions and 200+ restaurants at the venue. Partnering up with Dubai Media Inc., Emirates Islamic, Emirates NBD, Pepsico (Aquafina), and Nissan, the EXPO is bound to be inspiring, innovative, and spectacular. 

Stay tuned for more upcoming OOH news and campaigns concerning the phenomenal EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE!

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