During the past few days, the audiences on the roads witnessed a teaser campaign, triggering mass curiosity, then it was revealed to be the Bonjorno Coffee Mix competition of granting 10 winners fully finished apartments in Egypt. Recently, a new OOH teaser campaign has drawn the attention of passers-by across Egypt, with the prevalence of a phrase stating that "هو هيرجع... طب وهي هترجع؟!" which is translated into "is he coming back?..., well, is she coming back?!".  

Just like any other teaser campaign, there are so many questions popping up in the audience's minds, wondering what could it be? The common guess of this anonymous campaign might be a foodservice or food & beverage industry that will be introducing either a new product or an existing product with a new refresh due to the usage of the pink-themed color for the background that refers to refreshment and a new start. On the other hand, the rhetorical question utilized in the ad copy raises a question, like who the "he" and "she" the ad is referring to?. Therefore, neither people's minds nor their curiosity can wait for the curtain to fall and reveal the buzz. What do you think?       

Do you want to delve deeper into details about TBD's OOH campaign? You can find this out and more (such as OOH types, kinds, media plan, budget, locations) by visiting Monitoring Out-of-home (MOOH), Cairo’s dedicated OOH media intelligence.

The Art & Science of OOH

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