Dubai Media Incorporation (DMI), the official media organization of the Government of Dubai including; Dubai TV, Dubai One, Al-Bayan, and Dubai Radio, announces its license to thrill being the Host Broadcaster of Expo 2020 Dubai. DMI will be playing a central role in broadcasting activities from the Expo’s site for the first time in the Arab World. The Official Host Broadcaster will be responsible for providing a daily video feed to television companies around the world using the latest technologies. 

The Executive Director for EXPO 2020 Dubai Bureau, Najeeb Mohammed Al-Ali, highlighted that “The media holds a major role in informing global audiences about EXPO 2020 and its messages, and is a key pillar in achieving our goals”. EXPO 2020 Dubai will be presenting The World’s Greatest Show, featuring a rich and diverse calendar of activities from entertainment, food and beverages, to arts and culture, and the latest innovations from all over the world. EXPO 2020 Dubai will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to millions of visitors from multiple age groups, backgrounds, and nationalities, especially since more than 60 daily live shows are planned for the event’s 173-day duration. 

The ad visual shows EXPO 2020 Dubai’s main site, showcasing Al Wasl Dome, surrounded by the site’s luxurious, fancy, innovative, and inspiring buildings using a firework sky background which is bound to make a strong impression on the roads. The top left of the billboard portrays DMI’s logo, while Dubai Channels’ logo is placed on the top right, and EXPO 2020 Dubai’s logo is right in the middle. The ad copy which translates to “The Inspiring Experience of EXPO Featuring Its Exact Details” was used to reflect the media’s dedication and commitment. The ad copy also informs consumers that the EXPO 2020 Dubai will be held from the “1st of October Until the 22nd of March”. The visual also portrays logos of media channels; DUBAI, Sama Dubai TV, EXPO 2020 RADIO, Al Bayan TV, and Emarat Al Youm. 

The campaign is a relatively new one that was released during the second week of September, as uni-poles that are widely distributed across Dubai City. 

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